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Raising Score After Bankruptcy

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Raising Score After Bankruptcy

Hello, I'm new to the sight and this is my first posting.  I had bankruptcy in 2008.  (Not proud) Anyways, since then I've disputed negative credit reports and established positive credit w/ credit building loans and a new car loan.  We've never paid late and all accounts are current.  Debt to income ratio is extremely low, low credit card balances and we've done everything correct.  My median FICO score is still only 625!  What in God's name can keep it that low 3 years after a bankruptcy?  I was expecting 660 or something.  Please help.  We'd like to build a home but I don't want to have a huge interest rate due to bad credit. 

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Re: Raising Score After Bankruptcy

Is your median FICO score from myfico? Also, are you enrolled in score watch? The best part (IMO) is the credit simulator.

Also when you say low balances...what % utilization? Your income has nothing to do with fico scoring. When was your auto loan originated?
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