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Real World Example of Util/TL/Baddie v/s Score

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Real World Example of Util/TL/Baddie v/s Score

Hi all,


Been busy with GWs (keeping up the faith in spite of multiple NOs) but as I see frequent questions about util-baddies-TLs v/s score I thought I would provide a 1-month example:


My scores have been steadily increasing 5+/- per month.  I've ensured my util is never over 9% during the entire process.  This month I became busy and waited 3 days too many on my CC payments and BOOM ... the accounts posted to the CRAs with approximately 25% util (not late, mind you ... rather, I simply missed my statement cut dates).  Guess what:


As of 1-Aug:

EQ-FICO = 605 with 9% util.

TU-FICO = 558 with 9% util


As of 1-Sept:

EQ-FICO = 598 with 24% util ... a 7 pt drop OH NOE!

TU-FICO = 599 with 24% util ... a 41 pt increase ... YEAH BAYBEEE!!


What changed?

Cap1 began reporting my new CC ($550 CL)

Made my payments *after* my statement cut dates thereby increasing my util from 9% to 24% <face palm>

Had a baddie adjusted on my TU: lates removed ... balance set to $0 ... account closed ... now reporting as "Never Late / Paid As Agreed"   WOOHOO!


Considering the above three factors, a new TL does make a temporary small ding but the increase in TL *can* lower your util and the removal of a single baddie *can* make a huge difference.  My next score pull on 1-Oct, I am hoping, should be quite nice! Smiley Happy  Ok, I've finished babbling.  These results are mine and YMMV but I would imagine they are typical.



Starting Score 4/15/2012:579 Ex-FAKO, 572 Eq-FAKO, 546 TU-FAKO (all were sub-500 in 2011)
FICO as of 3/08/2013: 627 EQ, 647 TU
FAKO as of 3/23/2013: 638 EX, 652 EQ, 648 TU
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Re: Real World Example of Util/TL/Baddie v/s Score

Almost a 50pt gain in one month:


Aug 1: Util   80%    EQ MyFICO   646

Sep 1: Util   20%    EQ MyFICO   694


The only other changes - addition of some inquiries, one new account with a 300 limit, and a drop of about 800 in installment debt - still over 30,000, so I don't think that made much difference. 

I paid multiple accounts off at the beginning of August., so there's been a huge drop in utilization and multiple accounts now have zero balances - where they will stay for the forseeable future.

Starting Score: 534 11/09
Current Score: FICO 652 05/11
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