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Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

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Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

I started rebuilding when i pulled my credit report in Feb 2014. Credit scores when i started were in the mid-500s across board.
I had Charge-Offs from Chase, Apple Federal Credit Union and BOA. I also had collections from Midland (BOA CO), RA Rodgers ( Apple CO), Williams and Fudge (Tuition).

I didn't know anything about PFDs, GWs etc. I just started off by paying off all my debts and ignorantly thought my credit report will be clean from then onward because i did not know what i know now. After pulling my report, the progress was not sufficient and then i started doing research and found this site and my life completely changed.


1. While paying off my debts, i got Secured credit cards from BOA(2K graduated and current CLI is 20K), Capital one(300 cancelled 03/15), Wells Fargo(2k cancelled 03/15) and US Bank(500 cancelled 10/15). I maintained these well for a year whilst i try to GW and get my report cleaned up. I did pay off all debts in full.


2. Williams and Fudge easily deleted, no GW or calls. They actually asked me to dispute this with the CRA and they will honor the dispute if i want it sooner than 60 days. april 2014


3. Frontline CSR of midland kept giving me the cliched blah blah blah. I then kept sending them letters to all addresses i could find. i would recommend Credit repair dept or chief compliance officer; I also sent the CEO an email. Eventually one of them got it deleted. June 2014


4. Same approach for MCM eventually worked for RA Rodgers. March 2015.


5. First CO to be deleted was Apple. CEO email worked for me here. April 2015


6. BOA would not budge after several emails to top level execs/CEO, snail mail, more letters, rinse and repeat; no dice. I was really pissed at BOA because i'm actually a platinum preferred rewards client with them. This eventually came off my reports i believe due to the deal with the NY AG. Aug 2015


7. Exact same posture with Chase as with BOA. My approach was to find top level execs, EO, snail mail to any/all addresses i can find. i probably sent more than 50 snail mails here. they would not grant anything. I added the NY office one day to my batch of 6/7 mails and i wake up one day and they are gone. Of course, i did receive denials from the DE P.O Boxes. Oct 2015


8. The cards in my portfolio now include AMEX PRG, AMEX Delta plat(4k), AMEX BCE(15k), BOA cash(20k), BOA Travel (16k) with my fico scores at EX736 EQ745 TU736, no derogs and perfect payment history; my scores in 02/14 were mid-500s.


I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability.

BoA Cash 20k | BoA Travel 16k | AMEX PRG | AMEX BCE 15k | AMEX Delta Plat 4K
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Re: Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

Nicely done!  I've just begun my journey, and share your view that this site is a life changer.

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Re: Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s



Can you share the address of the chase address you used and what you said in the letter in a PM please?


I have sent over 20 letters to chase and have been consistently denied a goodwill adjustment or correction. My account also falls into the time period in which they were recently fined for illegal practices with regards to collecting the debt, but unfortunately I paid off the balance to them before this entire incident with the CFPB transpired.

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Re: Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

My husband has an account with William and Fudge: did they take a settlement in your case?

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Re: Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

Fantastic work and congratulations. 

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Re: Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

PMs sent

BoA Cash 20k | BoA Travel 16k | AMEX PRG | AMEX BCE 15k | AMEX Delta Plat 4K
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Re: Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

No. They said it was tuition and they wouldnt take a deal but then again, it was very early in my rebuilding process and i knew next nothing about PFD, DV, etc. 


I guess if you have the money in hand and tell them you have the money in hand right now, they could probably budge. 



BoA Cash 20k | BoA Travel 16k | AMEX PRG | AMEX BCE 15k | AMEX Delta Plat 4K
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Re: Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

I am currently in the same boat as your original post. Smiley Sad 


I'm at a point where I do not know where to start. I have multiple CO's from CCC's (Barclays, CreditOne, Discover, Walmart, Chase), then two other CO's through MCM Midland. My Chevron CC closed b/c I rarely used it, but it was PIF every month when the account was open. In 2015 I  was doing a post-bach program at school and was suddenly dropped from my classes b/c I was short 1 credit to be considered a full time student. The school took back their loan. I had to pay back about $1200 dollars, but already used that money to purchase a Macbook. It was too late for me to return my purchase (Apple's return policy) and now I had to deal with the $1200 I owed and being dropped from classes. During that time, I was also in the process of studying for an important entrance exam into professional school. Getting a high score was my primary focus at the moment and ignored the fact that I was not finanically stable. A couple of months later, the school sold my unpaid loan to collections. The company currently handling my student loan debt is Williams and Fudge. 


When I received the letter in the mail, I noticed that the debt I owed was substantially higher. Instead of $1200, I now owe $5,470.86 !! Can this amount really be from all the accrued interest? The school intially gave me a $5000 loan for that semester. Tuition was about $3800 or so. The money left over was used for books and a new laptop.  Financial Aid took back their money after dropping me from their courses since I was 1 credit short of full time status... upon getting dropped that semetes, my student account indicated that I owe $1200.  I thought I just had to pay back the difference and everything else will be settled since they basically got their money back from dropping my classes. I am not sure how this all works, so if someone is more knowledgeable on this topic, I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Smiley Happy Does anyone know if this a student loan policy or something? If a student lacks a certain credit and fails to pay the difference, they will be charged for the full loan amount depite the fact that they drop their students from courses? I mean wouldnt dropping a student from the course entail they got their money back?


My current dilemma is paying the $5k back to through Williams and Fudge. Does anyone know if they are pretty good at reporting to the school that I have begun making multiple payments ?Or is that something that I have to report to OC myself?  The school is currently holding my transcripts (which I need this June to send out to professional schools). Does anyone know if I have to PIF in order to get a hold of my transcripts? There's no way I can pay the $5k before June, so I'm trying to see if anyone knows of any other alternatives to getting my transcript. I plan on paying off my debt but still in the process of working on it. It's just hard right now b/c  I am working less this month since I am re-taking my entrance exam again. But once June comes along, I am going to be working a lot of hours in both jobs. 

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Re: Rebuiding Journey - Went from mid-500s to Mid-700s

OP hasnt been on since January you might consider making your own post on this BNA111, Student Loans would be a better place to ask the questions you want answered.

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- Rhonda Byrne

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