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Rebuild Success- Mortgage Approval

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Rebuild Success- Mortgage Approval

Hello all! I've been lurking in here for roughly 6 months while I focused on my rebuild. At the beginning, I had FICO 8s in the 580s. I'm now sitting from 650-680. I paid two collections and had them removed, and that is what gave me the big jump. I have one remaining colleciton that only shows on my Equifax. It's a small medial collection that I disputed, because I've never seen anything on it. Dispute didn't go my way, so I guess I'm going to have to pay it. 


I have two charge offs on my report, one a little older than 5 years, and one a little over 2 years old. 


My husband has mortgate FICOS in 730s, and I had EQ-614 TU-622 EX-656. We were approved for a VA loan with a 6.25% rate last Thursday and have made an offer on a house. 


Just wanted to share my success, and let other people know that you can do it! I felt pretty hopeless and like I was weighing my husband down and keeping us from being able to do anything. I was so sure we wouldn't get approved, but we did! The hard work really does pay off! 


Happy holidays!

Starting Score: EQ647, TU689, EX676
Current Score: Same, update 1/15/18
Goal Score: 730 Across Board

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Re: Rebuild Success- Mortgage Approval

Congratulations on qualifying for a mortgage! 

Last HP 09-14-2020

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