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Rebuilding Advice / Current Status

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Rebuilding Advice / Current Status

Hi everyone I’m new here. What do you think of what I’ve done to “plant the seeds” for the rebuild?

Current cards:
Cap 1: $500 / 20% util
Credit one: $300 - zero
Overstock: $1850 - paying small balance monthly
Williams Sonoma: $1500 - zero
Express: $250 - zero
Fingerhut: $700 - $50 balance
My Jewelers Club: $5,000 ($50 balance)
Self Lender: $500 ($25/month)
Money Lion $500 will pay off soon as it has a fee
CreditStrong: $2500 ($30/month)
Auto loan (18 month history)

No lates / collections on reports
3 Derogatories from separation (2 Ch 13 / 1 Ch 7)
Discharged 2018
100% payment history / Utilization at 7%

There is nothing else I can do, right? Just pay and wait? Denied for Disco / prime secured cards. Too many inquiries to list. Current scores around 600 across the board.

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Rebuilding Advice / Current Status

You kinda answered you own question in the end. "There is nothing else I can do, right?"  You got it. Since you have a auto loan. More loans didn't or wont do much good. Those are hits to your scores you could have avioded. But you probably didnt know that. You can pay them down and off. Anything that has a fee you can shut down. You have more than enough for now. Stop apping for at least a year and let some of the inq's fall off FICO. By your statement too many inq's. Time heals all wounds. You got to slow down and let things age and heal for now. The time it took to go downhill. It will take twice the time to back uphill. Good Luck and welcome to the forums.

Homeowner since Sept 2020. Sharing my experiences after BK from learning here. Rebuild to recovery from the @ 540's.
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