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Rebuilding Credit New to this

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Rebuilding Credit New to this


This is my first time doing this, bare with me Smiley Embarassed. I am looking to purchase our first home hopefully sometime this year, looking for advice on how to start rebuilding my credit. How can I go about getting the scores most mortgage lenders look at? I use credit karma but I know those arent really valid as far as mortgage goes. I have started to pay off collections and had them deleted! Thank goodness it worked!! Score has jumped up a tad bit, I had a friend add me and my husband as auth users on her cards which did help my scores out also  but they only reported to Experian and not the other two. Any advice on that would be helpful? Any input on how to go about this would be really appreciated!!


Trans Score Jan 2019 - 456

Equifax Score Jan 2019 - 450


Trans Score April 2019 - 534

Equifax Score April 2019 - 593

Experian Score April 2019 - 590

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Re: Rebuilding Credit New to this

I would list out your accounts to get more detailed information. You can get your mortgage scores from this website and it’s pretty pricey about $40 monthly. For you and your spouse about $50 I think. Credit karma scores are inaccurate either way. Great Job so Far!

Starting Score: 494 503 521
Current Score: 503 507 507 2/19
Goal Score: 680

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Re: Rebuilding Credit New to this

Hi could you please the number of open collections and any other accounts that are reporting negatively to your account. Do you have any credit card or revolving loans showing on your credit report other than the AU account?
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Re: Rebuilding Credit New to this

Please list:

  • Credit Card-Credit Line-Balance
  • Open installment loans. Oringinal Amount-Balance
  • Lates. How many and are they 30, 60, 90 or 120 days lates
  • Collections

Then we can help out

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery after BK DC. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: Rebuilding Credit New to this


Transunion - 5 open collections                          Open good accounts - Student loans (in deferrment) $14,788

1. $618 - Indigo (charged off credit card)          Wells Fargo Secured Card - $500 limit   Bal - $151(paid down to $80 waiting to reflect)

2. $2598 - Crest Financial (furniture)                              Fingerhut - started with $187 paid in full now have $300 line (waiting to reflect)

3. $3311 - apartment balance                                         Auth user - Chase card $16K (only reports on equifax)

4. $1011- Medical bill                                                        Total Visa - $300 line - bal $46

5. $1535 - Medical bill


Equifax - 9 collections                                                            Experian - 2 Derogatory loans

1. $3200 - Medical Bill                                                              1. closed auto loan( $14128 bal)

2. $75 - Medical Bill ( I paid in full waiting on deletion)       2. closed auto loan ($16949 bal)

3. $187 - Medical bill

4. $1011- Medical bill

5. $1535 - Medical bill

6. $3311 - apartment balance 

7. $1135 - Pay day loan

8. $618 - Indigo (charged off credit card)

9. $2598 - Crest Financial collection

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Re: Rebuilding Credit New to this

Continue using the secured cc and Fingerhut to make monthly on time payments.Eventually you will want three unsecured cc's No Rush.Lower any cc utilization to 1-6%.As all of these derogs age they will have less effect on your Fico score and your credit score will increase.Refrain from any new derogatory information being posted on your credit report.Weather you pay a collection or not will not reflect into your Fico score, weather the collection is open and updates the monthly balance,Fico only calculates credit utilization,but  you should pay any money that you owe.Anything that could be removed or deleted from your credit report will be a plus.You have a long road and I wish you GOOD LUCK...

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