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Rebuilding Credit

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Rebuilding Credit

Hi all,

I wanted to get some input the best possible way to handle some collections.


I currently have 3 collections in total.

Capital one 11K

Capital one 6k

cable bill $200


Should I pay them in full or settled for less? Aside from getting a 1099-C. Is there any reason not to settle? Do lenders look at it different settle vs PIF.



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Re: Rebuilding Credit

Who owns those 3 collections? Perhaps some of them will delete their collection in exchange for payment, even if settled for less.


As for whether it looks "bad," that depends. To a computer evaluating your report, it wouldn't know the difference; it would only see the zero balance, which is good. To a human manually reviewing your file, it could make a small difference, depending on what you're applying for.

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Re: Rebuilding Credit

capital one still owns the debt. For the 200 bill they sent it out to a collector to collect. Tried asking a PAy to delete on the 200 it was a no

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Re: Rebuilding Credit

Work it out since it appears they havent sent it to a CVA yet. That would ding you more of CA's showed up on your reports. If a home is in the future. PIF looks better than settled for less than amount owed. Either way they have to 0 out the account and it will no longer affect you aggregate util.

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