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Rebuilding Credit

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Rebuilding Credit

Hello all, 

I have been fishing on my fico for years now. It helped me get to a great place until recently when I basically threw my credit in the trash. After dealing with a divorce, I kind of said "forget my credit." I am trying to start over and rebuild without filing a 13. I've already filed a Chapter 7 and it looks ugly on my report especially when I've filed and have worse credit than I did before I filed. Irregardless, I need help. I was going to go with a credit rebuilding company through lending tree but based on reviews on here, I see the best way to go is to do it yourself. So, I have printed off this DIY Credit Repair Starting Kit. I've gone through it and it just seems like a lot of letters that may get me nowhere in the credit building process. Has anyone here done this themselves and had results. 

Let me give you guys a little background of my credit :

June 2020, I filed for Chapter 7 bankrupcy, so that's on my credit,  I let go of a vehicle I had (reposs) last month of this year, I stopped paying on all cards, all except 1, which is my Capital One card ($200 limit). I pay this card off monthly in full. So many items are in collections and my credit score on Experian is a 


and on Equifax, it shows 


which I don't understand because I tried to get a car yesterday to lower my note and they told me my credit was in the 400s. It's a lot and I don't know where to start or what to do. I just want to rebuild my credit to how it used to be. 
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Re: Rebuilding Credit

First thing you need to do is make a list of all unpaid debts and a budget so you know how much money you can dedicate towards this.


Without those 2 pieces of information there is not much advice people can give other than the generic "use the credit you have responsibly and address the negatives on your reports"

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Re: Rebuilding Credit

Could you list out your accounts you got after BK please. Trying to see how you racked up 80k in debt since BK.

Creditor Name/ Balance

All baddies as in CO's and/or collections.

Homeowner since Sept 2020. Sharing my experiences after BK from learning here. Rebuild to recovery from the @ 540's.
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Re: Rebuilding Credit

Not trying to be judgmental at all, but how did you rack up ~$90k in debt in less than 2 years since BK? Or are there still some items that were included in BK that have not been properly updated? Or is it mostly because of the vehicle?


Also, as mentioned upthread, yes, we'll need a complete breakdown of all accounts on your reports, both good and bad, before we can help you build a plan.

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