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Rebuilding Help CS came to a halt


Rebuilding Help CS came to a halt

Well guys I finally decided to register and let me tell you these forums have helped me drastically! Started my rebuild in Oct 2018, score started at 460 now currently 624, 625, 603. No more disputes to do and my credit has currently come to a halt. Since January 2019, my score has not even budged has been 634 for almost 3 months. My inquiries are at 0, age is 1.6 years, 0 derogs, 14 accounts all POSTIVE closed accounts( old car and personal loans, NA Credit utilization, 1 30 day missed on auto loan in sep 2017. Now I also disputed pretty much everything NEG on my reports and got 3 collections removed and all the inquiries which as you can tell worked flawlessly because of you on this forum!!! My letters I have to say we’re perfect! Now my question is I got approved for the secured CAPITALONE card with 200$ limit and should be here today (10th day) will my credit score jump from this being added to the report? My Reports are showing NA for utilization because I only have my car loan showing on my file and that is the only credit I have. Why did my score stall like this and is it even possible for me to reach 700 by dec 2019
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Re: Rebuilding Help CS came to a halt

If the CpaOne will be your only revolver then you should get a nice bump once it reports. Make sure with a 200 dollar limit you only let about 5-8 dollars report. It may be a couple of months before you see it, but I personally got 30-40 points when I went from 0 revolvers to 1.


It's not uncommon for someone to make pretty good strides at first by getting baddies off, but there comes a time when aging is about the only thing that will help.  Ideally you will want 3 revolvers so you can do AZEO, but for now, I would let the Cap One report and see what type of bump you get. You will likely be able to get a Discover or maybe even Amex after it reports.




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Re: Rebuilding Help CS came to a halt

Agreed with dynamicvb, and for what it’s worth, I saw gains with my first 2-3 revolvers. As stated, 3 would be ideal, but space them out a few months so you’re not appearing to be desperate for credit.

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Re: Rebuilding Help CS came to a halt

How did you get all the inquiries removed?  I've tried but failed with every attempt.

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Re: Rebuilding Help CS came to a halt

I would like to know what letter you used to remove inquiries.  Thanks.

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