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Rebuilding NFCU Cap1 Credit 1, What Next?

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Rebuilding NFCU Cap1 Credit 1, What Next?

Hi everyone, I have been creeping the forums for the last year and I'm finally brave enough to put myself out there. A lot of great information on here. It's good to see people helping people. Smiley Happy
My question is what should I do next? My current situation is as follows ..
When I really started working on my credit about 3 montha ago, my scores were all in the mid 500's. Have had Experian monitoring for about a year so I believe those were FICO scores. I'm now in the 600-620s on all 3.
I got a car loan 3 months ago which is reporting on all 3 as paid on time ($471 month). Also got Cap 1 and Credit 1 unsecured cards a month ago. 300 CL on each. The Credit 1 is showing , the Cap 1 hasn't yet. But just paid both off for the 1st statements. So they should both report soon. I also opened a NFCU account a month ago. Just the $5 deposit as of now. I also have 2 old Cap1s showing paid in full but closed. $2500 CL between the 2. My income is approx $6500 each month. So that's all the good.
Now all of the bad. I have 2 collections totaling $610. Both are a few years old. So definitely need to just pay them off. I show 2-4 inquiries dependent upon the bureau. I also have 2-3 chargeoffs showing on the bureaus. 1 is for $1500 (about 2yrs old)and the others are child support, which are paid in full (3-4yrs old).
So back to my question, what next? I have really resisted getting a secured card or another predatory card like the Credit 1. But I also know that the 3rd card is reccomended on here. I have also tried to stay with the soft pull approvals. But have had no luck finding the 3rd card. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Not just on the 3rd card, but with NFCU. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Rebuilding NFCU Cap1 Credit 1, What Next?

Let things age for now and work on clearing your derogs. Your two cards are brand new, so let them get a little time on them. Try cleaning the bad stuff up with PFDs, but if they won’t budge, get them paid off so they stop suppressing your scores. When you have six months of age at minimum on your cards, look into the Discover card, secured or not. It’s a great card that will stay and grow with you unlike the other two. Time is your friend, so let these two marinate and manage them right while you work on the baddies, and then go after your next card.

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