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Rebuilding - Need Help

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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

+1  A DV never has to be replied to.  If it is timely, then they cannot resume collection activities until they verify the debt.  Even with that, at any time they can come back and verify and resume the collection activity.


The only exception to this I am aware of is a DV utilizing the Texas statute.

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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

Credit Karma just told me that Asset Acceptance reported the BB debt AGAIN two days ago. Have not received anything from them yet. Should I wait and see if they send me something so I can DV it? or should I just send a DV?

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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

What do you mean reported you again?  I thought they were still on your report.  Did I miss something?

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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

Firi wrote:

A little update. DVs to EAF and Pinnacle are on their way. I found a dv that I had sent Asset Acceptance back on 10/31 after they sent me a letter on 10/16. Credit Karma showed a small increase in my score on 12/29. the 3-in-1 report pulled on 1/1/13 no longer shows their entry. I do still shows OC (BEST BUY) on TU and EX, however the entry in EQ is by CAP1/DAMARK INTERNATIONAL INC. They all show 0 balances. Should I try disputing those entries with CRAs since CA was not able to validate and deleted?

I failed to notice that it was gone when writing my OP. Now, apparently, it is back.

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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

Did you ever dispute through the CRAs or it was just gone because of a DV to  Assest?   I'm taking it they never validated?


Was the DV timely?  Sent within 30 days of the first dunning notice?



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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

I never disputed via CRAs. Im guessing it was gone because of DV and Yes, it was within 30 days of the notice i got from them back in October.

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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

If they removed the TL because they couldn't/didn't validate and have since put it back on your CR, they are in violation.  That is a big no no.


At this point I would file complaints with the BBB, FTC and your states AG.


You could also send them a letter siting their violations, that you have reported them to the above, and if they don't delete the TL you will sue.  Only tell them you will sue if you mean it and intend to do so.



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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

A little update. Got a letter from Asset Acceptance. It is dated January 08, 2013 (it was delivered to my old address they have on file). it says:


"Dear ___, We are in receipt of your written correspondence disputing the above referenced account. This account was purchased by Asset Acceptance Recovery Services LLC, on January 08, 2013. Our client indicated that the account was associated with a  consumer with the name, (My name), and a Social Security Number ending in xxxx"


They also told me they are adding $808 as interest on top of the $1850 balance and attached a copy of my application for the Best Buy cc. They just validated the debt, but are telling me that they purchased the debt on January 08, 2013 in a response to DV sent on October 31, 2012. At this point I would like to PFD but is there anything I can do about the interest they are charging me? Or should I try to PFD with a xx% settlement?


On  separate note, EAF got back to me as well and validated. I will send a PFD. No word from Pinnacle. 


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Re: Rebuilding - Need Help

I have another question. It has been over a month since I sent out my PFDs. have not heard back from none of the three CAs. Should I consider calling them, or should I wait a little longer and then send another PFD? I know a lot of people say talking to them doesn't do much good as PFD terms still have to be put on paper. Not sure what to do right now.

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