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Rebuilding Progress Report

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Rebuilding Progress Report

Tonight I was bored so I decided I would provide an update on my current rebuilding effort. In less than 4 months I have increased my EQ credit score +79 points. When I got started rebuilding my credit history I had a bunch of 30+ past dues as well as I had some 60+ & 90+ past dues, plus some charged-off accounts. For the past 5 months I have been on-time on all of my tradelines, gotten a couple negative tradelines deleted off my credit reports, and paid down my 2 credit cards to around 30% utilization. I still have a long way to go but progress is being made. CitiFinancial refused to approve a PFD so I recently just paid off the account so it should get reported as paid in full soon. Midland Funding has been a thorn in my side. I've paid this account off a year ago but I cannot for the life of me get them to accept a GW deletion. A couple of weeks ago, while my Credit Score was still in the upper 500s I applied for a Capital One Cash Rewards card and was instantly approved for a $2000 Credit Limit and I did the shopping cart trick for an Express Next Credit Card for an approval of $500. Once these tradelines report later this month I should see my scores increase. My original goal for the year was to rebound my Credit Score to 650 but at the pace that I am on 680 in the next 6-8 months should be obtainable.


My question to the forum is has anyone had any success getting a GW delete or a GW removal of negatives from either Capital One, Midland Funding, or CitiFinancial?


To those in the rebuilding mode, what I have learned is this; stay positive, pay your bills on-time even if it just the minimum payment, and keep your credit inquiries low. Good things will come as long as you are doing the right thing!!! I'll update again in a couple months will a status update.



3/1/2013         607 Score Watch® alert: Possible lower rate on a new AUTO

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11/29/2012    512 Score Watch® alert: Your score is unchanged.

11/23/2012    512 Score Watch® alert: Your score has dropped.

11/13/2012    528 Score Power report: Your score has gone up.

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Goal Score: 680

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Re: Rebuilding Progress Report

Congrats! Way to go, keep it up!
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Re: Rebuilding Progress Report

good job....the waiting is the hardest part for me...

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Re: Rebuilding Progress Report

I had some success with Capital One.  Well, sort of, its more like 2/3 success. Still waiting on deletion from equifax.  All of the success I have had with them has been over the phone.

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