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Rebuilding Since 5/2018 (Updates 6/2019)

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Re: Rebuilding Since 5/2018 - 1yr update!!

Hey All,

So I paid the one open card I had (Comenity $300) that has been maxed out some $380+ Down to $5 ... hoping to see a nice boost. The day the statment cut I logged in just to check, and they decreased my credit line to $100 !!! I was angry for a few days because I worked so hard saving and paying $600+ Over the last few months. (The card was originally $900+ when i started 5/18) Ive been on-time the last 8 months ... i wish they wouldve just decreased it long ago ... So I only saw a 25pt boost on CK (Equifax) I know its not the real thing... Im waiting for Experian Fico 8 to update but if this is the ballpark of what to expect Im much less excited than I was.
But! The show must go on toward better credit, so once everything updates Im going to check my prequals and go from there. Other positive I saw this month 4pt boost, not really sure from what, so my EX FICO 8 is at 592. Ill post again once it officially updates from January’s activity
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Re: Rebuilding Since 5/2018 -UPDATE

Welp... only 24pt increase ... sitting at a 616 Experian

This Credit One Prequal is really tempting since it wont be a secured card ... Off to try Discover Prequal, and maybe I’ll do the $200-$300 Open Sky. I wont be able to build much with just the one card and Id rather take the hits now on points while Im still pretty low
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Re: Rebuilding Since 5/2018 -UPDATE


It has truly been a long 13months but I think the worst of it is been behind me.

My EX FICO to date sits at 642!! The highest its been since I started this. I finally opened the Open Sky (again Im looking to a make a major purchase soon, so Im trying to keep my inquiries to a minimum) I did take a hit because opening the new card decreased my Credit Age, CK showed a 50pt drop, but Experian didnt reflect the same m, so im rocking with them. Just got a 24pt boost today... I now have:

Car Note
Student Loans
Ny&Co ( $100)
Open Sky ($200)

Still very small limits, one of the set backs was, once I got the Comentiy card caught up they dropped my limit to $100 ... that was frustrating but I kept at it. This card also accounts for the late payments.... Ive been dragging my feet on the Goodwill campaign ... smh Not sure if the work with the letters will be worth it ... I have 6 late payments showing but I think they are from the charged off accts that have all been paid off!
I also keep showing this one item in collections, but that account was paid in full to original creditor (Consumer’s Energy), so I need to get that off!

Otherwise, all bills are current and set-up on auto-pay. My savings is rapidly approaching $10k. But there’s still so much more work to do!
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