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Rebuilding advice NEEDED ASAP!

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Rebuilding advice NEEDED ASAP!

Here my current situation below. Please comment with best ways to get my score up and out of the dumps.


Currently have 11 Collection accounts utility bills, wireless, Bills, Medical bills, etc.


Currently have 2 Accounts open and reporting to all threre CRA One secured credit card through wells fargo 500.00 limit 0% UTI and one secured personal loan through my local credit union. CC account was opened in May of 2017 and Loan was opened in June of 2017 both paid on time. 


I have one charge off repo on an auto loan 2 years ago, this was from my divorce. 


I have enough money to pay all of collections in full except for one. 


Has anyone had any luck using those companies who you pay to let you piggyback on thier accoutns to show payment history and tradeline positives?


current scores are EQ 531 TU 526 EX 519




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Re: Rebuilding advice NEEDED ASAP!

You need my Triple Whammy comment because just working on FICO scores isn't enough.


First, read my 11 rules in my signature link -- this is popular with a lot of rebuilders and I get a lot of thank yous in my inbox here daily.


Second, read my Triple Whammy comment on other threads, there are a few versions of it here and here and here.


Basically, credit rebuilding is 3 parts: build emergency savings FIRST so you're never late again, build new credit that you manage responsibly, and then work on attacking derogatories.  The third part comes last.


Also learn the AZEO Method (in my 11 rules signature link) so you don't ding your FICO scores for 20 points by reporting all your credit cards to $0!


For cleaning up individual collections, we need to know the names of the CA, who the OC is, and we can give you individual information on battling each one.

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