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Rebuilding - advice on next steps?

New Contributor

Rebuilding - advice on next steps?

Hi there -- I think this is the right forum to post this question but feel free to move it if it is not 


To make a very long story short, starting rebuilding in Feb 2017 with scores in the high 400s, fast forward to now my scores are EQ 603 TU 637 EX 645. I've had a lot of activity going on with my credit in the past year and just wanted to know what I should do next.


- 2/18 Apped for approved for Cap1 Secured ($500)

- 5/18 traded in old car for a new one with Cap1

- 5/18 Apped and approved for Credit One ($450)

- 6/18 Apped and approved for Cap1 QS1(SL $400, now $750)

- 12/18 Apped and approved for NFCU cashRewards $500 SL

              Apped and approved for NFCU CLOC ($5000)

              Apped and approved for NFCU auto refinance from 5/18 purchase ($21,000)

              Apped and approved for Discover it Secured (just to get in with them) ($200)

              Apped and approved after Recon Chase Slate ($1000)

- 1/19 Apped and approved for Cap1 GM ($1000)

- 1/19 Closed Credit One card


So.. now that I made a complete mess and I have more accounts and inquires than I probably should have, I know I should run over to the garden. I just have a few questions.


- Do I close my Cap1 secured card? It started out at $200 is now at $500. Has no rewards and haven't received a CLI or unsecured option in the past year.

- Do I add more of a deposit to Discover secured?

- Should I bother applying for a second NFCU card after 91/3? I don't need another card but I want a higher limit than the current $500 but I've heard CLI's are harder to get than new cards.

- Will the fact that I am over the 5/24 affect my current relationship with Chase?


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