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Rebuilding for the future! Looking for tips

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Re: Rebuilding for the future! Looking for tips

You can settle in a pay for delete and I would keep trying until they agree as long as your out of the sol and if you settle as long as no one will manually review your report it won’t make a difference. The only time you would really see a difference is if they delete.

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Re: Rebuilding for the future! Looking for tips

@gooty1 wrote:

Got ya, I will keep that in mind. Last question sorry for drilling you here, If they do not offer a PFD is there a point in paying them? In addition is it okay to do a settlement or should I be paying in full?  In my experience this is a ymmv question. How old are the collection accounts that you have? If the CA will not do a pay for delete, and it's out of sol, you can pay as paid looks better than not. I'm sort of vindictive though and if the time is almost to 7 years where the debt can be considered for early exclusion or will about to be removed from my report, I'm not giving them a dime. If they've helped keep my credit down for years they can also take getting no money from while I focus on my relationships with my current creditors. YMMV though. If I was looking for a mortgage asap I'd pay as paid looks better than not. Right now I know it's going to be until 2022 until I'm ready to do anything in that regard so mine are staying on there as is. Two of my baddies are paid and it's still hurting my score so I wish I would've taken the settlement money I gave them and used it elsewhere.

@simplegirl wrote:
You never need multiple installment loans but after taking care of your debts another card would help maximize your score.



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Re: Rebuilding for the future! Looking for tips

I went up to 565, Not sure why but experian now shows 565!

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