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Rebuilding my wife's credit

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Rebuilding my wife's credit



I am working with my wife to help rebuild her credit.  She had a judgment for college class (not student loan related) that she did not pay for the class she enrolled in that year.  The payment for course went to court, and she agreed to the payment plan, and paid as agreed in accordance to the judgment


I am now helping to improve her credit score, and wish to GW here judgment. 


Any advice?  I am unsure as to how to begin the process.


Thank you.   


Hi pdog661, I moved your post here, because I think you'll get more replies on this board.BTW, I didn't change anything. 

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Re: Rebuilding my wife's credit

I'm not extremely versed in judgements but I believe you need to contact the court where the judgement was filed in order to try and vacate it.  

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