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Receivables Performance/Sprint

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Receivables Performance/Sprint

  I need Help ASAP on this..  I had an old Sprint Bill from 2018 and it was sent to collection ( receivables performance) hit my credit score a month ago and dropped my score almost 60 points.. WE are trying to finance our truck lease that is up next week.  Becuase of that hit its making finance almost impossible. 

  I was able to get onto the sprint website under my account and make a partial payment... i can pay the remaining balance off tomorrow.  my question is, if i clear the balance with sprint. how to i go about getting that Receivable performance off as a collection since they technically cant collect on a debt that they dont own...     thank you for any advice!!!!!

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Re: Receivables Performance/Sprint

You would want to talk with them (the CA) about the PFD or Sprint about pulling the collection back before yiu make the final payment. Its the only chance you have of getting it off at this point.

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