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Removal Paid Collection Help!

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Removal Paid Collection Help!

See this screenshot here:



Credit One Bank basically screwed me over so it was send to Collections and I paid it off but I keep asking this agency to remove it off my credit report and they said I'll have to wait year becuase of account is in default??? But the account is paid in full.

Do you guys know or have a idea HOW to make them to remove off my credit report??

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Re: Removal Paid Collection Help!

When did the original Credit One account go into default (first missed payment)? That sets the DOFD (Date of First Deliquency), which starts the 7 year reporting exclusion clock, and in this case, the 2 year clock for Midland to remove a paid/settled CO they have.


Midland has a policy of PFD (Pay for Delete), but they won't delete until the debt is 2 years from DOFD.

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Re: Removal Paid Collection Help!

There's nothing you can do. A paid collection is still a collection. Midland has some terms in which they will remove a collection account. See if these apply to your situation and contact them.

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Re: Removal Paid Collection Help!

Your Date of First Deliquency (DOFD) has to be before August 19, 2020 (date the collection was opened) . . .  check any Credit One records to determine and if it's the 2-year mark, then Midland probably will be more apt to remove the CO. Wishing you success in determining the DOFD and getting the CO removed.

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Re: Removal Paid Collection Help!

Call MCM ask for a Supervisor. I had CO with Credit One with them and they removed it. 

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