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Removal of old baddies- PLEASE HELP

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Removal of old baddies- PLEASE HELP

I have a question, I have some old baddies that are on my credit report that are failing to drop off. I have bad luck in the past with trying to dispute certain accounts sometimes resulting in new baddies showing up on my credit report. At this point now I have baddies that are over 7 yrs old but continue to report! any suggestions on how i get them removed? 


I have worked to hard to get my fico score from 479  2yrs ago up to 696(lender pull). I really want to break the 700 mark.

Thanks for all your help and ny suggetions!

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Re: Removal of old baddies- PLEASE HELP

Check exact date of first delinquency. They may report as long as 7 yrs + 180 days.

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Re: Removal of old baddies- PLEASE HELP

+1   Some people forget the +180 days part.  Smiley Happy

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