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Remove a California tax lien?

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Remove a California tax lien?

Hey all,


I have a CA tax lien from 2010 that was PIF in Jan and reported as such in Late Feb.  Does anyone know how to get California to remove the whole thing entirely?  I know exactly how to do it with the IRS, but I've got no clue where to begin with the Franchise Tax Board.


Any help would be greatly appreciated... and the great google in the sky doesn't seem to be answering me today.



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Re: Remove a California tax lien?

Not gonna happen.  I have a couple CA tax liens that are paid and were released 4 years ago.  I've tried and tried to get them removed, but no luck.  Don't even waste your time and move on.

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Re: Remove a California tax lien?


Wondering if you had any luck with getting CA to remove the released lien? 



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