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Removed my last collections this month!!!

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Removed my last collections this month!!!

Super excited. I had about 9 collections on my report due to unforseen circumstances including having to watch hubby go through bankruptcy, and no one seemed to want to do pay for deletes.Sigh...

So I came up with my own method of pay for deletes where I basically settled with the company and disputed same day as inaccurate info with a request to delete account , (which is now true is since the balance is showing incorrectly) and just like that! Gone and gone.

Company’s seem to care less about verifying info if the account is closed and paid. However you will be taking the risk of collections agency’s simply updating the status to paid! And dropping the score because of new recent information. Big companies like capital one will only update info.

Just thought I’d share what worked for me!
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Re: Removed my last collections this month!!!

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Re: Removed my last collections this month!!!

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