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Removing IIB Bk7 baddies

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Removing IIB Bk7 baddies

I have some adverse accounts from a BK7 back in Jan 2015 that I'm guessing I should have removed. All except one of the mortgages show pay on time.. I had a second home which went into 90 day lates and I finally just sold it so that account closed about 7 months before my BK7. 


On this house should I dispute the lates and hope it goes away or do a GW first? the lates are wrong,, it goes ok, ok, 30, 30 ,60 ,30, 90.. plus it was paid in full about $90k but the "Payment received" shows $0.00.. This acct is normal closed, not part of BK.


After that I have about 8 cards all included in bankruptcy and no lates.. all had balances. GW is the way to go?


I also have 2 cards with Cap1 on there that were IIB and right after my BK7 discharge I applied and got new cards with them lol.. should I GW?


and finally another mortgage, homestead, and this was IIB and it shows all paid on time, up to the BK, then stops because I didn't resign, I just pay to stay. Should I GW them? I'm continued to be perfect on my mortgage loan, and was never late since the beginning of mortgage.. Or maybe I should dispute since they have not reported since 2015 and I've been ontime since then? 


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Re: Removing IIB Bk7 baddies

If it is accurate there is nothing you can do about it.


For the 30, 30, 90, 30, 60 did you happen to catch up then default again?


All of these things will stay on your report for up to 7 years.  They will only fix things if they are wrong or remove them if they are still sitting there an shouldn't be.

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Re: Removing IIB Bk7 baddies

If your trying to clean up everything that was IIB and make all the accounts sqeeky clean. You chances are slim to none. Thats why you filed. The house deal is another matter I have no experience in. @RobertEG can help you there. Or the motgage experts in the mortgage section. You can try GW letters. You may have some success, though it wont be 100%. Good Luck!

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery after BK DC. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: Removing IIB Bk7 baddies

lol yeah I was/am trying to make everything look good, and from reading old posts most were saying to GW all IIB and if you do it enough they might actually come off. I don't see how they hurt anymore than the BK that is on the report tho. Especially this old now. I think they were to fall off in 2021 on their own. 


I began building new credit as soon as discharged happened and have about 10k card credit on me, and another 12k card credit as auth on my wifes that im rebuilding at the same time.

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Re: Removing IIB Bk7 baddies

Are you saying that the mortgage loan was not included in the BK, that you continued timely payments on the loan, and that they have ceased unpdating to show the monthly reduction of the current balance?

Does the loan still show a current balance, or does it show a $0 balance and statement of discharge under BK?


If the loan is still reporting a balance but is not updating, your dispute would be their lack of prompt updating of the current balance, as is required under FCRA 623(a)(2).

However, before filing a formal dispute, I would try to resolve informally by calling them and asking why they are not making the mandatory reporting to show your continued payments, and thus reduced balance.  It may simply be an admin oversight.....


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