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Removing Old Collection


Removing Old Collection

Hi all, any help or advice with this is MUCH appreciated.  I've been struggling trying to get a collection off my credit.  A bit of history:


  • The collection is for a "lease break" in 2007
  • I had a 6-month lease and planned leaving exactly after that (I was on a contract position for work and leaving after it was over)
  • I recently spoke with the land management company or the original creditor... they claimed I never gave a 30-days notice and the lease "rolled-over" to a month-to-month and I now owe for that.  They don't care that I returned my keys and told them I was moving out.
  • The collection has gone well past the statute of limitations (I can't be sued for it)
  • The amount I allegedly owe is now about $3,000 and the CA has sent me an offer to settle it (and remove from my credit) for $1,000
  • I have tried twice to dispute this on my credit reports (both times electronically) to no avail
  • The CA says they can go to storage after the 1st and validate the debt... I'm not sure how this would help me
  • The original creditor said I should write their bookeeper a letter so that they can do more research on the issue... I'm also not sure how this will help as I feel they'll just say that I "missed my 30-day notice of move out" (which is BS)

I'm trying to figure out what my options are now.  Do I write the credit reporting agencies and dispute this again (now that I have more information)?  I can't really afford to settle the debt for $1,000 right now, not to mention I don't feel it's the "right" thing to do since I never broke my lease and don't truly owe a debt here.  It feels really shady.


Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.



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