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Removing a late payment

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Removing a late payment

Does anyone have experience with getting a late payment forgiven with Cornerstone? I missed a payment on 4 of my student loans almost 2 years ago and it is killing my credit score. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Removing a late payment

If you've been current for awhile you can reach out to their customer service and ask for a goodwill adjustment or retroactive forbearance.
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Re: Removing a late payment

Did you try calling them? I also have student loans that were transferred to Cornerstone. I fell behind back in 2016. Unfortunately it's split as 3 loans, so each reports as having late payments. They have since been paid off, but are still reporting late.


Trying to rebuild myself, so I sent my first GW letter to them last month with no success. I planned on sending another one and trying to call them and speak to someone next week. Just wondering if you tried and/or had any success.


Good luck!

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Re: Removing a late payment

I believe that Cornerstone is a servicer of federal student loans.

Provisions of the Higher Education Act mandate the reporting of delinquencies on certain types of federal loans, removing the discretion of good-will deletions.


You should first determine if your loan is a type that is covered by mandatory reporting under the Higher Education Act.

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