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Removing a paid medical collection

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Removing a paid medical collection

I know that there is the hippa process for medical, but I still don't understand it. Is there another way of getting paid collections off of your credit report? If not can someone please, please help me with the hippa process!!


I just went over my husbands credit reports, and it seems alot has fallen off. There is 4 neg:BOA CCSmiley Tongueaid in full, but with lates, Medical Bill Bal 50.00, OC agreed to pull from CA when paid in full, Medical that was paid on atleast 5 years ago per settlement, and a Truck repo to come off either 3/2011-6/2011.


I plan to Goodwill BOA to see if they will remove all lates(really hoping with this one), Finish paying the medical the OC agreed to pull from the CA, and let the truck sit till it falls off. Is this a good plan?


Also I plan to get all 3 of his Credit Reports again to be sure of what is on it. Last credit reports are from april of 2010.


I am as well dealing with mine, which has alot on it(mainly medical). I will be PFDing them all, and then working out a payment arrangement for my highest medical(2310.00), Does this all sound good?



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Re: Removing a paid medical collection

Sorry I dont know enough about HIPAA to help you,but if you google it you can find all the info you need.


GW letters not only works for late payments, they can also be used for removing paid neg items from your CR's.

I removed all of my medical debts by using PFD or GW letters.I hope you will have the same good luck I had.Smiley Wink


Sounds like you have a plan,just remember repairing does take time.Take baby steps and you will get there.

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Re: Removing a paid medical collection

Works I did it.
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