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Removing negative mark

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Removing negative mark

I’m new to the forums but not the app. I currently have 3 credit cards open and in good standing, 1 PL open and in good standing and a car loan which is also in good standing. Car loan is 2.5 years old, personal loan is 20 months old and my oldest credit card is 2 years old. The only negative mark on my credit report is a personal loan I opened in 2012, after making payments for a year I let my girlfriend at the time take over physically making the payments for me as I was working in the oil field and traveling most of the time. Admittedly it was her idea and I went along with it, she did right for 2 months and then started taking the money I gave her and putting it towards her car she had at the time, this caused me to miss 4 payments in a row. Since I wasn’t home I didn’t get the letters asking for payment, long story short I didn’t know this was going on until a collection agency contacted me about it. I promptly paid them off. Fast forward to the present, me and my wife are trying to purchase our first house the loan officer has asked numerous questions about that old loan and has stated several times that without that negative mark my interest rate would drop and potentioally save me thousands over the course of the mortgage. My question is, is it possible to have something removed from my credit report before the typical 7 year period or am I just stuck
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Re: Removing negative mark

The best you can probably do is to contact the company and request a goodwill adjustment. Since you paid it off, then they may grant one. It really just depends on their policies and the person you happen to get in touch with. If you search this forum for goodwill letters, you will find a lot of examples.

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Re: Removing negative mark

More than likely stuck. If there was an emergency or life threatning event in your life. Maybe. Turning over your finances to a girlfriend and trusting her was a mistake on your part. Yeah the trust should have been there but it wasnt. If you were married your wife would have probably not have done what the GF did because it would affect both your lives credit. Live and learn. Wont ask if you married the GF. TMI. But you could try a GW. Though that story with a creditor may not hold water. You can try and I'll say Good Luck!

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