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Rental Debt Collections

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Rental Debt Collections

I have a Property Debt with an old Apt from 2011. It was a huge mess, I left the apt less than a month early with a verbal agreement with the property manager to use my deposit and send me the rest back.  A year later it was on my credit report, I called the property, that manager is no longer there.


I tried pleading my case giving as many details as possible, even an email that referenced our agreement. The new manager said it's with a collection agency and there's nothing she can do.


I called the collection agency and it was like talking to a brick wall. 


Long story short, I have been disputing this with them for YEARS.

What should've been a few hundred dollars is now over $2000!


It falls off next year but I need to move NOW and have already been denied over this!

The apt manager told me to call the screening company, they told me to call equifax, equifax just said they will dispute and they have 30 days to verify.


My question is. Should I DARE try to contact the Collection Agency one last time in the hopes they will do a generous settlement now that it is falling off next year or do I let Experian wait their 30 days and cross my fingers they don't reply??


Everyone keeps passing me off to another place and no one wants to help me. There is NO WAY I would've left that apt a month early if I would've known all this would happen! I have good rental history and it's shocking how this one thing is overriding everything else.


I have offered extra deposit, pay months in advance, even a Month to Month rental property said NO if that's on there!


Please advise, should I try to work out a settlement or don't contact them?




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Re: Rental Debt Collections

try to rent a condo/house from an owner, they are more likely to be lenient than a managed apt complex


also there are rental agencies that you can go to (free for you) and tell them your situation, they will direct you to properties that will accept you

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Re: Rental Debt Collections

Thanks Stellar, I have been looking into those options. Are yo saying I shouldn't contact the Resident Collect?

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Re: Rental Debt Collections

buttercup415 wrote:

Thanks Stellar, I have been looking into those options. Are yo saying I shouldn't contact the Resident Collect?

If this is past SOL then make them a PFD offer, if they wont PFD then you will have to decide if its worth settling or going with someone who doesnt check creditl

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Re: Rental Debt Collections

My first step would be to contact the local or state agency that controls the administration of  landlord/tenant statutes and regulations.

In view of the terms of your rental contract and the relevant termination regs, do you have a valid case of their lack of compliance?


You may have either admin appeal rights via the local or state agency, or a valid case for your own civil action.

You need someone of authority to rule on which party is correct in interpretation of provisions of your rental contract.

A dispute uner the FCRA is your normal first step, but that is only an admin procedure that entitles you to an investigation and finding by the furnisher.

You appear to be at the point where you need additonal review by a government agency or a court.

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Re: Rental Debt Collections

This is an interesting approach! I am going to look into this further. Thanks to everyone who has replied!

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