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Reply from OC, what does it mean?

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Reply from OC, what does it mean?

Hi yas,

I received a response from the OC on a JC Pennys card in which I had sent a GW letter for deletion. It basically states they are no longer the owner of the account and will request the account be listed as "Sold or Transferred to Another Creditor" and balance will be shown as $0.

Anyways, this is what it was already listed as. Do I keep sending GW letters?


The CA removed their reporting after a GW was sent to them.


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Reply from OC, what does it mean?

I think it means, you get what you already have.  Yes, I would continue to send them.  It's pretty hard to do when they keep saying, NO.  I've given up on my medical collections GW wise.

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