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Reporting error's

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Reporting error's

A couple of months ago I made a settlement offer with a CA for an old CC debt and settled for $419 when they claimed I owed $835.  Just today I pulled all three CR's and they are all three reporting this differently.  According to EX the $419 was paid and it is now showing as paid, closed and 0 balance.  TU shows this as $419 paid but I know owe $426 and it is still an open account.  EQ shows the account with $419 paid, shows I still owe $426 and is just empty in the account status box.  How do I go about fixing these?  Just try and dispute them on my CR's or contact the CA that I settled with?

Starting Score: EQ 551 TU 590
Current Score: EQ 628 TU 682 EX 684 (11/29)
Goal Score: 680

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Re: Reporting error's

Sorry I don't have a solution for you, I was looking for an answer to a similar question. I think we need to write the CRA but I am not sure....

3/08 TU 545
12/09 TU 669
12/10 TU 743
12/11 TU 718

1/12 EX 696

My goal is to to pay down my balances....I've been unemployed and still on top of it all.

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Re: Reporting error's

The correct reporing by the debt collector is simple:

Closed, $0 collection balance..

"Paid" apples to OC accounts, not to collections.  A collection is either open or closed.


EX has it right. 

Perhaps the debt collector update has not been completed.  I would not dispute at this time.

Just give them a call and request accurate update to closed, $0 balance.


It is not critical to scoring now, so I would give them a little time.  If you dont get proper update, then file a direct dispute with them under FCRA 623(a)(8), forcing them to correct within 30 days.

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