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Road to an Amex.. .HELP!!!

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Road to an Amex.. .HELP!!!

Hi Everyone... I have learned so much from these fourms and am so grateful to have found them... here is my situation...


I have a total of 9 derogs...


7 of the derogs are paid


2 are charge offs ($271 to verizon and $431 to First Premier)


I started the year with 17 Derogs... I have managed too pay and delete through disputes and gw's 8 of them.


The last nine are tough to get off... they are:


Collection Consultants (Glendale, CA)

County of San Bernardino (currently disputing a late payment for c.s.)

Dept of Veterans Affairs

California Student Aid

Fair Collections & Outsourcing

First Premier

So Cal Edison


Wells Fargo Loan Originatons.


I want to be able to obtain my first Amex.  I got their prepaid and put $500 every two weeks on it in hopes to try to establish a relationship and hopefully "make my move".  Any advice on how to help get these 9 derogs off would be greatly appreciated.  I would like a chance at the Amex Green by summer.  I am not a patient man but Im gaining patience one deletion at a time.  Thanks everyone!


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