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SO asked for help with medical collections

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SO asked for help with medical collections

My SO has 4 unpaid medical collections from a couple years ago. Insurance was through parent's as a student and bills were sent to them. I don't have many details but there was a disagreement with insurance company about what would be covered and some of the bills were sent to collections with CBE Group.

This all came as a surprise to my SO who had assumed the bills were paid. Didn't know anything about it until being declined for Discover Student card. Pulled reports and there they were.

So what is the most reliable way to get them removed from the credit reports? Paying them in full is not a problem.

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Re: SO asked for help with medical collections

I have dealt with CBE group.  I was able to pay that off, and have the account removed from my credit reports.  This was a very fresh account too (paid within 4 months of hitting my CR's).  So pay the accounts off with CBE and start your goodwill campaign.

Starting 5/2018

Current 3/2019
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Re: SO asked for help with medical collections

More detail would be needed as to whether the insurance company's holding that they were not obligated for the asserted amount is accurate.

Did she ever contest their holding?

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