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Sallie Mae Denial of GW letter

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Sallie Mae Denial of GW letter

Ok so I received a letter in the mail yesterday from Saliie Mae basically saying they will not remove any of the derogs from my CR. Smiley Sad That's a huge bummer because most of my "baddies" are from them and it would have been a huge help to my credit score.


Anyways I am going to be as persistant as possible. So here's my questions:


-How long should I wait in between GW letters?


-Also can I keep sending the same one or should I write a sappy, (my first one was very professional and to the point-no excuses) not but truthfully I was so completely uneducated about student loans when I got these loans. I didn't even know I had student loans-I was pressured when I was 18 by a University of Phoenix guy to start school and get "financial assistance" which I thought was a pell grant that (I didn't have to pay back) for at least 3 years. To top it off I was financially struggling at that age and moved sooo much that I didn't even get any correspondence from them. BUT the question is should I write this in my GW?


Not trying to play the victim but in a way I was taken for whirl with all of this. A $10,000 dollar whirl Smiley Sad 


Wasn't until years late I started to get into my credit stuff and realized all these derogs from them. I am so upset for not paying better attention! Anyhow they say persistence is key with GW letters so that's what I am doing. Advice would be much appreciate!



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Re: Sallie Mae Denial of GW letter

I'm a newbie and can't answer your question, but I will say that MANY of these university are almost nothing but a scam. They absolutely pressure students into borrowing and target people who are young and ignorant (no offense, LOL!). I know of several who tell athletes they are getting some kind of full ride when in reality they are borrowing THOUSANDS, and these are just kids who have stars in their eyes and want to play ball...some of whom can barely read and write. And then there are others who tell people they will make six figures when in reality their degree won't be worth the paper it's written on in the real world.


Sorry for the rant, just a pet peeve of mine

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Re: Sallie Mae Denial of GW letter

I too have a sallie mae issue with a forebearence showing 10 lates 120 plus on my bureau that's killing me and I've talked to customer advocates and everything to no avail...I would keep resending the same one as a different person may get it and have some sympathy to remove them...thats what I'm doing anyway...goodluck

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