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Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

Good luck.  I talked to them a couple years ago after bombing them with good will letters.  I had accounts come out of forberance after 6 months instead of the 12 month that I believed they would have been so I racked up a 90 and 120 before catching it and paying them down and monthly since.  The lady I talked to said that they would take care of them and they never sent me anything nor removed them.    I thought it would take a few months for it to update but they never did remove them.  Lately I've been bombing the consumer advocate office and all i get is emails saying they will follow up with me soon but never do.  

My lates are from 2009 i believe and I'd really like them to be gone considering we had a communication problem since I asked for 12 months but they did 6?  I've thought about disputing them, but.... I dont think thats a good method.

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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

How do I get late payments removed from CR, any advice or help will be greatly appreciate, pm me please, I am at the end of my rope with SLM, Thank you in advance

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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

Hi Melanie! Could you (or anyone) please PM me any contact info you think may help? I thought I was in forebearcne but just found it it ended and I have missed 5 payments.Needless to say this has destoyed my credit and is hindering some potential employment opportunities. Im going to try this asap and would appreciate any direction you could offer. THNX!

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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

Could you also send me your contact information? Thank you!

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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

Hey Melanie,


That's awesome to hear you got some removed.  I tried emailing the Department of Education Omsbudman, Sallie Mae, and USA Funds about removing the negative tradelines from my student loans that defaulted.  I since rehabed them and consolidated them under the Direct Loans Consolidation program through the Department of Education back in December 2012.  The best I got back was a phone call from the Advocate at Sallie Mae saying they'd remove the tradelines that said they were defaulted, but wouldn't remove the previous derrogatories Smiley Sad  Maybe your route could help.  I know you've gotten slammed with requests for PMs but if you wouldn't mind, I'll keep you posted on my progress Smiley Happy




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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

Ohh please help me guys, how can i remove some of these late payments.. they are killing my credit. 

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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

Hello Melanie,

First I would like to congratulate you for Conquering the impossible - - - getting Sallie mae to delete any derogatory information off your credit report  is fete worthy of SUPER MAN ! (LOL) - - -

If I may ask, how did you do it ? - - - could you share with us the step by step plan of action that you took to achieve your goal ? - - - how long did this process 

 take ? - - - Did you sign up for one of those Student Loan Rehabilitation programs that I keep hearing about ? - - -  In my case I signed up for an auto- withdrawal plan  ( that was designed to bring my loan current  in 3 months) that took out a set amount every month. Its been over a year since I began that plan & I am happy to say that I have not missed a payment.- - - Question , in view of this,would Sallie mae agree to delete my negative info, does a year of on time payments qualify ? - - - and finally who do I contact ? - - - could you send me their information ?


Your response in this matter, is greatly appreciated !


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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

This is not that hard, is key is to keep trying , phone calls letters whatever it takes. I just got a bunch of lates removed from Great Lakes that were 3 years ago and I wasnt on any forbarence or rehab plan. 


Hi James,

Thank you for your recent email and for providing information to substantiate your situation when your delinquencies were reported.
We've looked over everything that we've reported on your account. We are pleased to say that although what we reported was correct, a decision has been made to remove this history from your credit files. We'll be instructing the credit reporting agencies to remove record of your late payments. This will be done electronically within the next five to ten business days. Please note that this isn't a guaranty that correctly reported delinquency can be removed in the future, so if you are ever falling behind in payments, please contact us immediately.
Please let us know if you have further questions. We want to help you successfully manage your account throughout the term of your loan.



Great Lakes Student Loans

Borrower Services Department
(800) 236-4300 or (608) 246-1700
Monday - Friday 7 am - 9 pm CST

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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

Hate to revive an old thread, can someone please PM me the contact info, currently in a bout with lates going no where.

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Re: Sallie Mae late payments REMOVED

Same situation..I'm in need of late payments from the Dept of Ed/Sallie Mae. Would mind sharing the contact info?



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