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Same account, two different creditors

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Same account, two different creditors

I noticed on my credit report that I have an account listed twice. One by the original creditor and one by the collection agency. It's due to come off next year, but I may be applying for a mortgage loan before it does so I'm hoping I can get at least one removed. Is it the norm for the collection and original creditor to report negative accounts? And can I dispute this? It's past the SOL dates so I know I'm safe in regards to that. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Same account, two different creditors

Unfortunately it is quite common and standard for an original creditor account and a collection account to both report negatively, as two different accounts.
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Re: Same account, two different creditors

Yes, their separate reporting is of apples and oranges, and is totally proper.

The OC reporting is of activity on your account with them.

The debt collector reporting is of their authority to conduct collection activiites on the debt, either as an asignee of the creditor, or as the owner of the debt.


The collection is not an "account" of yours, it is a reporting account with the CRAs.



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