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Same collection listed as 3 entries on report?

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Same collection listed as 3 entries on report?

So looking through my actual credit reports today was an eye-opener. I have multiple legitimate collections accounts, but I'm thinking I should take action about one in particular. There are two entries from Chase, listed with different account numbers, for the exact same balance. Both are listed as chargeoffs. Further down, under collections, the exact same balance is listed for Equable, with yet a different account number. I'm almost certain these are all the same account. What should I do? They are on both Experian and Equifax, but not Transunion.

Starting Score: EQ 584(7/20/12)/ EX 597 (7/20/12)/ TU 632 (7/20/12) Up to mid 700s by 3/13...gah! I blew it again! Restarting 3/1/15 EQ 489/ EX 517/ TU 497
Current Score: EQ 625 (6/18/15)/ EX 605 (6/14/15)/ TU 583 (6/17/15)
Goal Score: 700 all

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