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Samster's Journey (In Progress)

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Samster's Journey (In Progress)

Hi everyone!


I've seen others documenting their credit repair journey so I thought I would to! In December I started with scores in the low to mid 500's. At the end of 2016 I opened up a Discover secured card and a Victoria Secret card. Right now EX (FICO) is 626. 


Current Stats


Paragon $250 medical - PFD 

Midland $998 (CAP 1) - PFD 

Midland $983 (CAP 1) - PFD 

Midland $897 (Credit One Bank) - PFD 

Portfolio Recovery $1809 (Walmart) - settled

Portfiolo Recocvery $485 (Care Credit) -removed

Amazon CO - in progress being reopened

Care Credit CO - account reopened 5/2017

Walmart CO - in progress being reopened

Credit One Bank CO

Mohela Student Loan - 2 60 day lates - 1 late removed

Navient - 3 60 day - lates 3 lates GW'd


AAOA 6 years, 2 months

Oldest account 10 years

Inquires: EQ 2, EX 3, TU 1

Scores as of June 2017: 650’s 



As far as good accounts, I have these as paid well besides the two new cards: 


10 other Navient student loans paid as agreed no lates

1 Navient student loan paid off

2 autos paid off no lates

1 personal loan from my bank paid off no lates

2 furniture financing loans paid off no lates

5 closed credit cards paid no lates


I think that is it for my profile. I'm impatiently waiting for Midland to update. I think for the next few months I'm going to focus on bugging Navient, Mohela, and Synchrony for GWs. My goal is to reach the 700 club!Smiley Wink


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Re: Samster's Journey (In Progress)

As bad as I hated to I settled PRA today. They wouldn't budge on PFD's so I settled 65% balance. It feels good knowing I no longer owe collections and won't have to worry about being sued! So that is a plus! Smiley Wink Maybe I'll try GWs at a later time.

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Re: Samster's Journey (In Progress)

So a little update. Midland (all 3) has finally been removed like they promised. My scores are starting to look better. EX 640 and TU 652.

Also got an approval for Amex BCE for 1,000 so I'm back to the garden.

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Re: Samster's Journey (In Progress)

Congrats on the Amex approval; keep nurturing those reports and hopefully you can triple that in 61 days
State Farm Rewards (3,000) ~ Marvel MC (8,000) ~ PenFed Power Cash (10,000) ~ PenFed Promise (1,000) ~ PenFed OLOC (500) ~ Discover ($1,100) ~ Citi DC (2,200) ~ NFCU cashRewards (6,200) ~ NFCU Platinum (2,700) ~ NFCU CLOC (15,000) ~ Venture (10,300) ~ DCU Visa (5,000) ~ Chase Freedom (3,000) ~ Amex Hilton Honors (5,000) ~ Amex SPG (1,000) ~ Amex BCE (1,000) ~ Care Credit (15,000)
Current Scores (6/6/18): 697 Transunion, 659 Equifax, 674 Experian
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Re: Samster's Journey (In Progress)

Congrats on the amex approval, that's awesome! Keep working hard.

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Re: Samster's Journey (In Progress)

Thanks you guys!

Since being able to get one PRA removed my EX score is 652. I'm currently working on the other one and I'll be collection free. I'm so excited! I am beyond thankful for Midland's new policy. I'm curious what the other two are now. I'll be able to see TU soon when discover statement cuts. Ironically TU is my highest FICO but lowest FAKO.

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