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Score up 33 pts in 30 days! plus GW questions

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Score up 33 pts in 30 days! plus GW questions

This entire process started for me because I wanted to purchase a home. I began working with a lender in April (514) and applied in October. I got a secured card and did a credit builder program.


I got denied on the home loan  because my score went from 621 to 595.   By lowering my CC balance, my score could go up..which it did on the 24th.  However, the the final blow was that I had a 90 day late from march that was sallie mae and FHA requires 12 months of no late payments. Apparently this has happened to a few of you on here as well.  I was devasted because now I can afford a 300k home with my new job but can't get any type of financing.


After reading the boards, I sent a good will letter and was denied with a generic note about credit law, blah blah. I just sent of a second one but was more thorough. I noticed that sallie mae did NOT sent me any type of notifications or bills from Nov 2011 until Mar. 1 2012.   In March they reported all of my loans as 90 days late, which is 10 total! 

Has this happened to anyone? I graduated in 09 and filed deferment  after my grace period. Then I filed forbearance, so my accounts report as OK except this one month which has effed everything up because it's showing up for 10 micro loans.


Has anyone had success with the GW letters when the correspondence from Sallie mae has not been consistent?



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Re: Score up 33 pts in 30 days! plus GW questions

I will say that the lack of receiving a bill does not negate your responsibility to pay.


With that being said, your best bet is to find an Executive and email/snail mail you GW to them. Explain the issue and you might mention the lack of a bill and ask that the late be amdended and even reference your other timely payments.


On a side note, with the house, just because you can afford a 300k house, doesn't mean you need to buy one. My wife and I had a similar issue a number of years ago with our house, the lender said we were approved for $xxx, so we bought $xxx, it didn't turn out so well.


Just my .02.

Scores: about 700 across the board
Total CL: $275k
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