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Scores so different?

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Scores so different?

Hello all! It just did the trial 7 days credit score with transunion and experian, scores are 673 and 640. But myfico scorewatch was at 601 and just today went down to 592. its because of 2 new credit cards. It's showing up on all 3 now. My question is why such a difference in scores? thank you

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Re: Scores so different?

Here you will get your FICO score. Elsewhere you will get FAKO scores. Fico scores are what you want to pay attention to.

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Re: Scores so different?

Yeah my actual fico is 100 pt difference between TU562 and EQ462. Exact same items on both.
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Re: Scores so different?

 I was so happy to see my scores above 600! But I guess it means nothing. But thank you to you all because I'm sure it will start climbing up. 

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Re: Scores so different?

Ya FICO is usually lower,  I wish my FAKO was my FICO lol FAKO TU 645 FICO TU 560 huge difference

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