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Sears credit question / rebuilding credit

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Sears credit question / rebuilding credit

Thanks to everyone on this board, my husband and I closed on our home on 6/27/2011.  I went from a "surprising" 504 to 640 (my husband has a 752) in 7 months.   So thank you!


I say surprising because one of my major problems was 3 Sears credit card accounts (store credit, master card, "home improvement card") that were opened, rang up and charged off.  This was in 2004-2006.  The cards stated they were open in 2002 and 2003.  I wasn't 18 until the very end of 2003.  I disputed these from my credit report and they were removed promptly.  (One sears card still shows on one CRA, Experian, as paid in full and on time with no lates, so I didnt bother fighting it).  I did file a police report, but because it was over the SOL there was nothing I could do. The police report did help in removing these from my credit report.  I had these removed in 2009.


However, we'd like to get a Sears card so we could finance some new appliances - but Sears cards are backed by Citi.  When applying thru Citi, they tell me they cannot open a card because of "Existing card delinquencies" or something along that line. (I applied 5 months ago).


I have no lates, (one 30 day late in 2006 with a car loan) , no collections, nothing. So I anticipate they are saying that because they have record that I defaulted on a card.


I don't like being blacklisted from Sears and/or Citi for no reason of my own. What can I do at this point? 

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Re: Sears credit question / rebuilding credit

Get a better card. I say if they don't want you, **bleep** 'em! There's plenty of banks that do want your business. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

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Re: Sears credit question / rebuilding credit

Another option is to call and talk to them.


DH had a note with our CU that there was a loss incurred by them on a previous account he had with them.  It's a computer generated piece of information, and when he provided them with the information that showed that there was no loss - it was inaccurate - they opened the accounts.  Actually we have a great CC with them as well as auto loans with great rates - so I'm glad we took the time to work things out with them.

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