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Seeking advice

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Re: Seeking advice

the closed credit accounts are all PIF


 i do not know if anything is out of SOL.  Are you reffering to the collections with the PFD?  How do I go about arranging that!?

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Re: Seeking advice

When you say that some of your closed accounts are negative.....why are they negative? Are they unpaid? Do they have lates?


Who is reporting, the OC or CA?


To give you advice, it is best to have the specific situation laid out for us, instead of a broad scenario.


You need to know the most important information first, the DOFD for each account, the DOLA(usually date of last payment), and your state's SOL.

If you haven't already, I would get your free annual reports, as these reports come directly from the CRA and provide much more information than reports you'll get elsewhere, like on myFICO or TrueCredit.

Check out the links in my signature, very helpful information there.

For medical debts, you want to follow the HIPAA process. You can read about that by click on the link titled "medical collections" below.

For any account with a CA, you always want to DV before PFD'ing.....but you never want to DV before knowing the above information.

For questions on specific accounts list back the specifics of the account

1) Original Creditor

2)Who is reporting-- the OC or a CA

3) Name of CA

4) Is the OC reporting a balance



7) SOL for your state

8) Can you PIF

If you provide those 8 things for specific accounts in question, we can advise you better on how to proceed.

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