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Seeking much needed advice and help

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Seeking much needed advice and help

I am looking for advice on rebuilding my credit...current score EQ 570 provided here about 2 weeks ago.  I am getting ready to begin the process.  

Let's start with my order from credit report, not of importance

1.  Capital One

Lates 30, 60, 90, 120, May-Aug 2008 then paid, never used again, not showing closed.

Reason: I paid off the card in April and didn't open bills next few months.  They charged interest from April bill and this happened.

2.  GECRB/Care Credit

Lates 30, 60, 90, 120+, Sep 2010-Feb 2011, then Charge Off. Settled through CA before I found this forum.

Reason: Dispute at Dentist Office over insurance.  Long Story ending up with Office accepting payment from this CC and from my insurance.  I was naive about how it would be handled.  I assumed that since my insurance did pay, that the Office would pay back the CC.  They didn't and didn't reimburse me until Sep 2011, after I figured out what happened.  Bills from CC had been sent to old address.  I'm not sure if I wrote down the old address because I was angry at the office or if the CC had an old address on file for me.  

3.  TireCard/CBNA

Lates 30, May 2006 and Dec 2006, Closed at some point by my request

Reason: unsure, don't remember, bill could have slipped my mind at the time.


Lates 30 x4, but listed as Aug 07, Sep 07, Oct 07...only 3 months, maybe 4 statement dates in 3 months, now closed

Reason: same as #3

5.  Verizon (Land Line)

Charge Off, paid through Verizon March 08

Reason: Mother opened in my name, didn't pay.  I found out when trying to get auto loan and LO told me...paid it and got auto loan at high int rate of course.

6.  First National Bank SE (Installment Loan)

Late 30 Sep 06

Reason: same as #3


I also have several medical collections related to an car accident (not at fault), but I had no medical insurance at the time and didn't pay any of them until settled with insurance company of other driver.  All paid or settled.


What I have now is a Student Loan (question about it on Student Loan Forum)  no lates, no payment issues, autodraft from my account,  Citi CC about 10% utilization and will keep it that way or lower.  Only $500 limit.  And an Auto Loan, no lates, not payment issues, autodraft from my account.


Any advice on any of these would be appreciated

Contacts(email, phone#s, addresses), GW recommendations.  All baddies have been paid or settled so no PFDs


Would like to eventually get a mortgage.  Preferrably sooner than later depending on how much of this I can get help with.

I have already PMed some people for advice, but would like as much advice as possible.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Seeking much needed advice and help


I really need some help on this

Let me know if I need to add any more info too.

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Re: Seeking much needed advice and help

Send good-will letters to the creditors, each tailored to the individual reasons for the delinquency/derog.

I would be careful, however, about the account that you assert was not opened by you.  Making that assertion in your letter may result in the creditor reporting a fraud alert to your credit file.

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Re: Seeking much needed advice and help

Does anyone have any ideas of how to tip toe around the fraud alert problem while trying to get verizon off the credit report?


Also on gw letters, in the examples some include account #s and some don't.  I am waiting on mailed copies of reports from the annual cr site, hoping they have full account #s.  Do I need to include full account #s, or would the partial account #s from credit reports work?

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