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Self lender

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Re: Self lender


@jrwa81 wrote:

I am on my second time using Self and they reported within two weeks of opening the account for me and report every month.  They were very quick.

Same for me, 2nd time through the program, no issues with quick reporting.  I like this card/program better than a lot of my other credit cards.

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Re: Self lender

I never had any problems with them. If you set up you autopay correctly for the loan and manage your card (i.e. pay before the statement date which is the 20th for me) than there is no problem.


I even received two unsecured credit limit with them so far. 

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Re: Self lender

They seem to have reported pretty quickly with mine. I set up auto pay. And I kind of like the graph that they use on your dashboard to show you how far you've gone. I'm going to let it ride out for the 6 months because I want the 6 months of payment history.

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Re: Self lender

I had a Self loan about 1.5 years ago. Took them a month to report or show up on my credit but they were very consistent on reporting/updating every month after that. Paid it off and received my funds via deposit within two weeks. 

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