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September Update

New Contributor

September Update

Hello everyone.

It's been a month and I thought I should give you guys and update and my thanks once again for all the help provided.
Woke up today to an Experian alert that I got a CLI for my BestBuy card of $500 which helped to drop the utilization.

Now I do have a small question, on my payment plan the next account is a loan from Lending Club, but I was thinking if is better to pay the BestBuy card first, the balance on both is about $150 difference.

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Re: September Update

Payoff whichever has the higher interest %


if the same, payoff the Bestbuy first

Dec 16/2019. EX. 721. EQ. 723. TU 746
Dec 29/2020 EX. 729 EQ. 723 TU 746
Sept 9/2021 EX. 734 EQ. 737 TU 746
Inq. EX 5 EQ 2 TU 5 - - CC 4x24, 3x12, 0x6
Amex BCP $32k - Apple GS $19k - BMW/Elan $9k - Cap1 QS $16.7k - Chase Amazon $13.6k - Chase Bonvoy Boundless $10k - Chase United Club Infinite $26k - Citi DC $14.5k - CreditUnion1 $9k - DiscoverIT $23k - HSBC Gold - $13k - Penfed Gold - $12.5k - USBank Cash+ -$24k - HSBC LOC - $13.5k - PenFed LOC - $20k
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