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Settled Midland Credit Debt

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Settled Midland Credit Debt

A month ago my credit was hit by MCM. I had no idea what it was for. Ended up being two capitol one cards I had back a few years that charged off. Full debt amount for both cards was 1250$ and they settled my offer to 680$. They have been saying they haven't reported to my credit but they did.. and of course right in the middle of me trying to get a home loan! For some reason their system isn't showing it has ever been reported. So as I'm working on this home loan process with my mortgage officer they hit and drop my score. I don't want to dispute them off while in this home loan process, but I called MCM today and the lady said she would put in a urgent request for deletion to the credit bureaus. She gave me two reference numbers and said it should take 3-7 days to be deleted. If not to call the credit bureaus and give them the reference numbers to figure out what's going on. Has anyone ever had this happen? Did it delete within that time frame? Im literally so nervous.. have been really taking care of my credit and this knocked me down. My fault for not dealing with it when they were first charged off. 

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Re: Settled Midland Credit Debt

MCM will delete. Sounds like a snag happened on their end. Dont remember them not fufilling their promise.

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