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Shady Collection Agency

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Shady Collection Agency

I started taking action on this collection agency with disputes because the dates were off, it was a closed account for 3 years. I decided to personally give them a call for a PFD, the guy who was willing to help me out started saying my account shouldn't be in collections. It seems it was part of the bad batch of accounts that were sent over, he placed me on a brief hold to get things sorted. About 3 minutes go by, he started saying his supervisor specifically told him not to touch my account and told me to call the number he started to provide me. I called that number explained the situation, the other guy just started to be rude saying it's your debt so pay it. I hung up the phone because I don't deal with drama.


After a week of the phone call, I get an alert from my credit monitoring services saying the account was removed from EX! But it was also saying EQ had a change. I decided to check it out and it went from Closed to Open/Unpaid with dates changed and 4 of my on-time payment history seemed to have vanished. I decided to file a BBB complaint, the company replied with documents with payment history that were currently missing and they removed from EQ. The reported date went from September 2017 to July 2017, even the document showing collection started September 2017.


Is it possible to use these to show EQ as proof of some sort of re-age and unproper payment history?

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Re: Shady Collection Agency

This is not a re-age. The date is simply when the account was updated. I am not exactly clear but based on your description, is this account paid? Or is it in a payment plan? If it's paid and you disputed it (through BBB) the problem is you have the chance of the account updating on your CR, which shows recent activity and this usually drops your credit score. Again this is not re-aging, the DOFD remains the same for 7+ years to remove the account from your CR. If you can get it fully paid and then just leave it be, it will start to age and your credit score will start to recover.

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