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Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

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Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

Hello everyone, I'm new.


As recently as April of this year, I was sitting relatively pretty at 611 on EQ. I was entering into a relationship that I had no idea what was going to happen, and I ended up paying for absolutely everything and didn't have anything left to pay my own bills. I have a car loan ($200), two unsecured loans ($150 and $120), and three credit cards, two of which have a limit of $500 or less, the other is $1000. Combined util is 89% on those. I snapped out of it and broke free in late July, but by that time, *everything* was either 2 or 3 months behind and I had 3 payday advances open. 2 are remaining (one for $635 and the other for about $800) as of today.  Today, I got a notice from Score Watch that says my old cable bill went into collections and my score dropped another 38 points to a 427. I did not think it could go any lower. Probably going to attempt at PFD for it since it's new and it's only for $164 and change.


Since August I've been current on my credit cards, but they haven't reported since last delinquency.


So question...if I remain on-time with my credit cards / loans, can I "force" the issue by asking them to do a "manual" report that I'm current, or is there a minimum time that must be waited out first?


I can't wait to climb back out of the cellar. I'm pulling in about $1600 every 2 weeks, but it seems like the hits keep on coming.  It sure seems like it's harder after starting to catch up because more seems to come up.


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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

I'm sorry to hear about your past relationship, but now it's time to rebuild your financial relationship.  Definitely send the PFD,  keep current on your payments and pay that util down, it's way too high.  Now with those lates, it's time to get the GW train rolling.   Send those out.  Check your CR for anything else, and let's see where that gets you.

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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

Nothing better than doing a credit rebuild to get over a bad relationship. Hang in there. Focus on what you control and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

Sounds like what you really need to do is to write a country song about your experiences. Your story reminds me a bit of those freeceeditreport dot com commercials...

"oh I married my dream girl, I married my dream girl but she didn't tell me her credit was bad."

Lots of luck recovering friend. Theres a ton of nice and helpful people here. With any luck you'll be back on your feet in a year.
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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

I was in the same spot with my first husband but I have learned my lesson and won't even co-sign a Christmas card  Smiley Happy just take this as a valuable lesson learnd, keep your bills current and start sending the GW's as someone else said.

We are all here to help in whatever way we can.


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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

Definitely can identify with the OP.


Was in a relationship, I thought was great - even though everyone around me was telling me the girl was nickel and diming me to death.


My credit wasn't great to begin with, but after making financial sacrifices and dumb decisions, it was in the 400s.


Looking back, I'm thankful it didn't work out.

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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

You've had some tough times, but the silver lining to that black cloud is it sounds like you have some good steady income rolling in to help you get things sorted out.


I'm guessing you got the typical terrible interest rates on those payday loans. Pay those off as soon as you possibly can - those companies will bleed you dry down to your last pint of blood.


I might even hold off on the PFD on the cable bill collection if it means you can pay down more of those loans. Worry about your score later; right now, the interest on your debts is going to make it hard for you to get your head above water. Stop the bleeding first, then repair the wounds.


As for getting the creditors you are current with to resume reporting, I'd try the carrot before I tried the stick. In other words, instead of looking for how to "force" them to report, call and ask them politely to report your current status to all 3 credit bureaus. Let them know you've had some tough times and you've been working hard to honor your debts, and please could they help you in making sure your report reflects that hard work?


I've had great success with politeness, even with companies notorious for poor customer service (e.g. Bank of America). 


You have the cashflow to eventually get everything in order, so now it is just a matter of applying your money carefully in the places where it will do the most good for your situation. Hang in there!!

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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

More information would help. Who are these loans and companies with? What are the interest rates on all of these invidual things? The payday loans probably have sky high interest rates, and you are probably just paying interest monthly. 


Tell us about who the cable company is, have you gotten any notice from any collection agency?


You cannot "force" anyone to remove any of the bad information if it is accurate. Some places are far more generous in goodwill deletions then others, so it will help again, if you list them. 


You may also be able to call and ask for a lower interest rate.


At this point, like an earlier poster said, stop the bleeding first.


Start paying down the principles on the credit cards. That will save you money, and will increase your scores significantly alone.


Chin up, that recent collection, and the recent lates are having a major drag on your score. If you get the collection off, and pay on time, that alone will heal some of the hurt.

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