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Should I App Now or Wait?

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Should I App Now or Wait?

I started off with 7 baddies and 0 goodies end of June.  1 repo and 6 collections.  I dove in and sent DV's to all but the medical collections I plan to PFD.  I made the mistake of sending DV's under FDCPA when I should have sent Texas Finance Code letters.
RJM never responded however they deleted TLs
IC Systems replied that they need more than 30 days.  They deleted both TLs while validating.
That leaves me with repo (Santander-2009)and 3 collections.
Credit Management agreed to PFD.  I sent them certified check Wednesday.  Waiting for that TL to be deleted.
I am afraid to apply for secured cc just yet.  However, I joined a CU couple weeks ago.  I applied for a secured credit builder loan and was approved!  9.96%.
I am thinking about opening a savings account at my dad's CU.  They offer secured CC w/o AF and low APR.  I haven't decided if I will apply for that in a couple weeks or wait until later.  I don't want to wait too long because I want to let accounts age before I begin shopping for a newer car.  Would like to have a couple CC in addition to the loan to build some positive accounts.  I do not have a FICO score yet.  Should I apply once CMI is off or wait? Don't know what my chances would be.
I am so anxiousfor my new update on creditkarma next week to see if my score gets a bump!  Can't wait until I can get a FICO for a more accurate picture.  The waiting is killing me!  LOL!


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Re: Should I App Now or Wait?

I would wait just a bit for those baddies to come off and then see where you stand.  You've done some great work.  And going with a CU is a wise decision.

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