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Should I DV - Risk of Limbo?


Should I DV - Risk of Limbo?

I am new here and I have just recently pulled my credit report and found quite a few disturbing things, but this thread is only about 1 of them. Smiley Happy


Green Mountain Energy says that I owe them a balance from 2009 but they are unable to give me any information about what that balance is for because they turned the account over to a CA in 2009 as well. The CA states that they do not have access to the invoices and are unable to tell me what the charges are for either. The only thing that the CA can tell me is that the last meter read was on 3/3/2009 and I know that I vacated and canceled the account as of 1/20/2009. It seems that neither the OC nor the CA have statements that would validate the debt, or at least that is what has been communicated to me over the phone.


I am hesitant to DV because it seems that if I do then they have no time period limit for their response and I would not be able to purse having the item deleted through the CRA. Is this correct?

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