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Should I apply for a new card?

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Should I apply for a new card?

Hey guys, I’ve just join The FICO family and I was wondering what I can do to improve my score. I had 4 accounts charged off (19year old me). But only one is showing on my report (Discover) I’ve since settled for less, I tried a PFD but wasn’t successful. Paid settlement in 02/19. Other accounts went to collection and I’ve paid them. I currently only have a Citibank secured card ($200) that I’ve had for a year always paid in full. Current FICO 8 scores are
My other charge offs were from capital one (2) synchrony bank amazon(1). What would you guys recommend should I apply for a new card?
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Re: Should I apply for a new card?

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You actually need 3 revolvers in a rebuild so I would recommend 2 more. If the COs on Cap-1 are more than a year ago and it appears you settled I would check with their prequal page and see if an unsecured for you comes up. There are other secured cards you can also get, Open Sky there is no credit check, can also check with your local CUs to see if they have rebuilding cards available, are also some nationals you can check with.

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